Project Complete: Paver Patio Amplifies Beautiful Backyard

Our dedicated and ever enthusiastic staff took advantage of the weather, which has been kind of warm for the Northern Kentucky area this time of year. Before the temperatures drop to actual winter-like levels we were able to bust out a couple of great projects that we are very proud of!

One of the projects that we finished was the addition of a beautiful patio to the backyard of our client’s home.

Finish back patio

As you can see final project turned out great, but we wanted to show you the progression and hard work that went into this project.

Our client’s home is made of brick of varying color, which factored in to the color and size of the paver that was selected to create the patio and walls. It is important to consider the surroundings around your project site to make sure the product you select will work in the space. The last thing you want is a harsh visual contrast with your final project.

Our client picked the perfect stone for the project. It had a subtle color, but did not compete with the existing brick, which was important.

WP_20151207_12_40_54_Pro WP_20151207_12_40_57_Pro

The pavers worked really well. The colors and sizes allowed us to play around with placement and design.

You can see there is also a level of gravel under the patio. This is an important step that should never be overlooked.

In order to create a flat patio that does not collect water, that patio area is dug out and filled with gravel, which is then pounded perfectly flat. It also provides a porous base for water to seep through so that it does not collect on that patio.


That patio also featured a great sitting wall with pillars. The patio alone is a great addition to this backyard, but add the wall and this patio is rocketed to the next level!

WP_20151208_11_06_54_Pro WP_20151208_11_07_19_Pro


These pictures really show the texture that the varying size of pavers add to the patio.

The wall serves multiple purposes in this project’s case. It serves as a place to sit down or set items, but it also provides a visual and literal separation from the yard. Without the wall the patio runs into the yard, but add the wall and it adds an outstanding aesthetic level.


This was a great project and we were so thankful not only that the client gave us the opportunity to install it but also that the weather held out and we were able to complete it!

finish back patio 2

We think the final product turned out really well. What about you?