Our Design Process

At Brentwood Landscape & Design, Inc. we believe the creation of a landscape plan is critical to the successful design and installation of the landscape project. The planning process gives the designer the opportunity to incorporate the client’s needs and wishes for the project as well as the concepts the designer feels are most appropriate for the architectural style of the residence, the exposure of the site and the aesthetic aspects he is creating.

1. To schedule a design consultation, please call Brentwood Landscape and Design at 859.635.0711 or email Brentwood at info@Brentwoodlandscape.com

2. At the consultation the designer will tour the property, measuring and photographing the areas being considered for landscaping. During this initial meeting the designer will ask the client many questions to ascertain the goals the client has for the project.

3. The designer will make recommendations on-site as to the type of plants that should be used, bed location and size, appropriate hardscape concepts and relative budget for the project.

4. Landscape plans are ordered with the client’s approval. Design Consultations are FREE upon approval of a Landscape Plan.

A LEVEL 1 PLAN includes a comprehensive planting layout for a specified area. For example, a foundation planting, an entrance garden, an island bed, or a planting around an existing patio or structure. An itemized estimate is created from the plan and will be reviewed during the presentation at Brentwood’s Design Center. The cost of this plan is $175.

A LEVEL 2 PLAN includes the Level 1 Planting Plan as well as the design of any hardscape features desired for the specified area. Some examples of this would be the layout of a sidewalk, a patio design, a water feature, fire pit, arbor or pergola. The cost of this plan is $350.

A MASTER PLAN is a complete design of your property or multiple areas throughout your property. This would include all planting and hardscape features. A Master Plan is most commonly done so that the project can be accomplished in phases over an extended period of time. The cost of this plan will vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. Contact Brentwood to discuss pricing options.

5. Brentwood’s designers present the plan at our Design Center and review the proposed plants and hardscape elements. Various presentation formats can be used including, free-hand, CAD and three-dimensional drawings. The presentation will clearly explain the designer’s plan and allow the client to fully understand the proposed landscape. Brentwood Landscape & Design is unique in our plan presentation in that we make it possible for the client to experience hands-on the plants and design elements displayed at our Design Center. The client will be able to conceptualize what the plan will look like before being installed after reviewing our extensive inventory of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses as well as a variety of pavers, walls, stonework, arbors, and trellises.

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