Take Your Landscaping to ‘New Heights’ With Retaining Walls

In landscape design it is often beneficial to have a healthy balance of plants and hardscapes. One of the most common hardscape additions that is utilized in landscaping is a retaining wall.

A retaining wall not only brings aesthetic interest to a property but it also has essential functionality (at times).


A wall adds height and texture to any design, but when needed, it can also provide essential retention to hold land in place and prevent the threat of a slide.

According to whirlconstruction.com, retaining walls not only make landscaping look outstanding, they also increase a home’s value, they’re low maintenance and are extremely functional.

A retaining wall can support thousands of pounds of weight and can prevent a land slide on a 50-70 degree slope.


Aside from its low maintenance, high function benefits, a retaining wall can add valuable space to any design by creating vertical landscape area. When space is limited a wall can create area by going up and not out.

You do have choices when choosing a retaining wall. They are constructed using natural stone or modular stone. Depending on the environment of the property a home owner would need to choose the material that best compliments the space and the budget.


Natural stone adds a classic look to any landscape. Modular stone walls are available at Brentwood in several colors and styles. Some have the appearance of natural stone, while others are used to create a clean contemporary look. Modular retaining walls have greater retention and height capabilities than natural stone, and tend to be more economical.


Natural Stone

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Modular Stone

Overall, a retaining wall’s main purpose is to protect a property from soil erosion and add dimension. No matter the material that you choose, a retaining wall adds a beautiful element to your landscaping.

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