Increase Your Property’s Landscaping With Vibrant Color

The look of any landscaping project will vary throughout the year. As seasons come and go and temperatures rise and fall the color of your plants and trees are going to change.

By planning ahead, you can add the right color to your landscaping all year round.

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As always, we suggest the very first step you should take would be to test the soil on your property to see if it has the essential nutrients for plants to thrive, or if it would be better to incorporate raised beds and retaining areas. There is no sense to put all the time and money into a landscaping project if the foundation of the project isn’t going to support the plant life.


This time of year near Easter it is common to add day lilies and tulips to landscaping. They both pop with color and bring a lot of vibrance to the property.

When incorporating color into any landscaping the size of flowers’ bloom should be taken into consideration along with its color. Varying the bloom sizes adds texture to the landscaping. Couple that with an array of color will increase the aesthetics of your landscaping.

Popular blooming flowers that Brentwood carries is theĀ Anemone. They come in different sizes with varying sizes of blooms and can be planted in tight areas.

Outside of flowers themselves, certain hardscapes can add color and texture into any landscaping. A designer can use different materials to create a pathway, a trellis, patio or sculpture that can add so much to any project.

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A dominant color scheme in landscaping is green, obviously. Acknowledging that point, it is still a good idea to incorporate some evergreen trees into a landscaping project (depending on the geographic location). Having evergreens in your landscaping add multiple layers to the area. For a majority of the year they add height and subtle texture, depending on the type of evergreen you plant.

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During the winter months, when everything else is dormant, your evergreen trees will remain green and vibrant. This is one of the simple ways that colors can transcend the seasons in your landscaping. Certain evergreen trees produce red berries, brown cones, many hues of green and subtle colors of blue. Add in a possible blanket of white and evergreen trees produce a beauty that is unmistakable.

A professional landscape designer can only plan and plant so many things to add beauty and creativity to your property. Sometimes Mother Nature holds the best design tool. Many, if not all, of the plants that go into any landscape design will attract animals like birds, pollinating insects and four legged animals.

The color and life that these animals bring to the property is so naturally beautiful that it can only be appreciated. Some things are outside of our control; they cannot be planned or designed but when those animals share their color with you and your landscaping it is a special moment.

To add the perfect amount of planned color to your landscaping contact Brentwood today and schedule a consultation.