Areas Often Overlooked In Landscaping Design

Landscape design can reach far beyond flower beds and the immediate perimeter around one’s home.

There are areas often overlooked on many properties that not only welcome landscaping, they almost NEED it to complete the project.

Obviously, these designs are not universal for all homes. Each home is unique in its own design, but if these spots do present themselves they are complimented very well by some simple landscaping.

The first area would be on the sides and in front of a garage. Depending on the layout of the home, there may be a small plot of dirt or yard available. A small shrub or tall tree is perfect for this spot. Depending on the plant picked it can frame in the garage and really make it look great.

Another spot that landscaping helps would be right by your mailbox (if it is a free standing box near the street). This area rarely has any personality to it and by adding perennials or some small flower it can really add something where there is usually nothing.

In this same vein, adding tall grasses or dense shrubs around the home’s electrical box is close to a necessity. This practice is more popular than landscaping near the mailbox and for good reason. In a lot of cases, homes have a large electrical box in the yard that connects the home to the power grid. Camouflaging these boxes with various landscaping adds to the yard and blocks the box from view.

The last place we will cover in this post sounds like a no-brainer, but it is often overlooked.

Many homes have a “blank” side to them. It is no fault of the home owner or designer, it is just the result of the floor plan. A side of the home will have more siding than functional home.

Brentwood image

You have seen this part of the house 1,000 times, and with the implementation of landscaping you can add character to that side of the home and break of the vanilla look of things. It is common to add large bushes or shrubs to this side of the home because there is a large amount of ground to cover. Why not landscape the problem in the most efficient way possible?

One thing to remember is that if your A/C unit is on this side of the home it should be taken into consideration. You want easy and fluid air-flow to be able to get to that unit, so don’t smother it in landscaping.

These are just a couple of areas on your property to consider when designing your landscaping. They can be small and they are often overlooked, but when they are utilized they can drastically change the appearance of the property!