Plan for Success: Best Plants to Incorporate into Midwestern Climate

When designing your landscaping project it is important to think about which plants will flourish in this midwestern climate. Why settle on a beautiful plants only to have them shrivel up and die due to the hot summers and harsh winters?

There are a lot of types of plants to choose from to see the most success. The wide selection is good because the best landscaping has a variety of different plants, height, color and texture.


When choosing your plants, keep in mind that this area is classified as 6a. According to a plant hardiness zone map, a class 6a region means that the extreme minimum temps for the area can reach -10 degrees.


From our experience, bulbs do exceptionally well in the Greater Cincinnati area.

For example, tulips, hyacinths, irises, trumpet lilies, daffodils, alliums and orientals are very popular. These bulbs are reliable, colorful and are not overly expensive.

Perennials have also proven to be successful in this region.

Examples of good perennials to consider would be, yarrow, hosta asters, astilbe, lilly turf, many types of ornimental grasses, columbines, chrysanthemums and peonies.

Lastly (and remember, this list is not finite) would be shrubs. They are very popular and, again, very budget friendly. Good examples of shrubs would be hydrengas, dogwoods, spruces, firs, roses and junipers.


Choosing from these types of plants to incorporate into your landscaping project will help with maintenance and replacement costs. These plants will thrive in this midwestern climate make your property the benchmark for the neighborhood!

Of course you can divert from the suggestions above, just know that certain plants will naturally not do as well in this area. Before making a final decision on your landscaping plan, consult a professional and weigh the pros and cons of the plants you choose.

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