Brainstorming: Tips to Consider for Successful Spring Landscaping

The weather in Greater Cincinnati has been relatively warm for the early weeks of winter. The freezing temperatures will inevitably sweep across the Ohio River valley placing the idea of landscaping in the back of all of our minds.

While nothing much can be done during the winter months in terms of landscape design and implementation, one can prepare for the spring and the return of healthy beautiful landscaping.

DSCF0021’s Ronique Gibson compiled a list of 10 things that people should consider when designing their landscaping for the spring.

Gibson says it is important to know and understand the climate that you’re in. You need to design your landscaping keeping in mind how much sun your property gets and the temperatures of the environment throughout the whole day.

Gibson’s second piece of advice is to plan the project ahead of time. Think about how long you want the project to take. Also, enlist the help of a professional, like our Bob Petracco, to ensure your landscaping is beautiful and stays within budget.

Gibson said it is important to be aware of the pests that are common in your neighborhood and choose your plants accordingly. There is no sense in spending the money to create beautiful landscaping if local critters are going to eat it all for dinner.

One of Gibson’s most sound pieces of advice is to plan for maintenance. Often times customers overlook the time and money it takes to maintain outstanding landscaping. If you plan for the necessary maintenance you will be happier in the long run.

Other tips to consider when designing a landscaping project are to incorporate varied levels of height into the project. Breaking up the height of the landscape creates opportunity to plant different types of bushes and trees as well as making the yard look great.

For more of Ronique Gibson’s tips for spring landscaping, click here.

Take advantage of the winter months so you can be prepared and have an established plan when the time comes to create the landscaping of your dreams!