Illuminate Your Property With Landscape Lighting

Drive anywhere in the Tri-State on a nice spring night and you begin to notice a beautiful trend that is sweeping through the region.

Landscape lighting is wildly popular, and for good reason.

We have covered curb appeal on this blog and landscape lighting is like curb appeal’s cousin. Landscape lighting transforms a home and its landscaping into an overnight masterpiece.

Admittedly, Brentwood does not install landscape lighting, but we are passionate about design and landscaping. Incorporating the right lighting to your property is the most efficient way to amplify your property’s appeal and amaze the neighborhood.

Lighting your home and property at night is a great way to add color and interest to your property at night. The lighting usually uses a very low amount of electricity and some lights are even solar powered, which benefits your monthly budget as well as the environment.

There are keys to implementing great lighting into property:

  1. Make sure it compliments your home’s architecture
  2. Strategic placement of the lights is essential
  3. Varying the direction of the lights adds intrigue and beauty to the property
  4. Error on the side of modesty, remember these are landscape lights not Christmas lights
  5. Stay within your budget. No amount of twilight beauty is worth going into massive debt over

As previously mentioned, Brentwood does not install landscape lighting, but we do have a company that we highly recommend. Beacon Lighting is the landscape lighting company that we usually recommend to our clients.

Beacon Lighting Portfolio

We design and install the landscaping; Beacon Lighting illuminates the design, making it beautiful around the clock. Beacon designs, installs and maintains all of the lighting so they are a one-call business for all your landscape lighting needs.

As always, we would appreciate the opportunity to consult with you to design and install amazing landscaping on your property. To increase that landscaping design to its highest potential Beacon Lighting is the company to call.