Landscaping Trends: Little Addition Makes Big Impact

We have noticed another popular trend showing up across the Tri-State. This trend is so simple yet so effective, it makes any landscaping design look great.

The incorporation of white stones in landscaping can be seen in projects all across the region.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.37.42 PM

In our experience, these stones have been used as an outlining addition around a flower bed. The property owner had a flower bed in the front yard that contained flowering bulbs and brown mulch. The entire bed was surrounded by a four inch apron of the white stones. The addition of the apron made the mulch and bulbs pop. It was a simple addition that had a dramatic impact on the curb appeal of the home.

The stones can also be used under a downspout, like the example shown above. Instead of having a concrete slab to direct the flow of water away from the home the property owner added these stones. They still direct the water flow and are much more aesthetically pleasing.

The color of the stones allow them to be used universally in any design.

Best of all, these stones are affordable. They hardly cost anything, so their ROI to a property’s design is outstanding.

There are many more ways these stones could be put to good use in a design. Get creative and incorporate some white stones into your landscaping project.

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Happy designing!