New Entryway Adds Beauty, Accessibility to NKY Home

Hardscapes are usually incorporated into a home’s landscaping for aesthetics or functionality. For a recent project for a client in Independence, Kentucky we installed a new entryway that added both beauty and functionality to the property.

The client said they needed better access to the front door and garage, so Brentwood stepped in to solve the problem.


The first step: dig out the yard and outline where the walkway will go in. The plan is to have the entryway go up to the front door, but also wrap around the left of the house to the garage.



The pavers were installed on the multi-level entryway. Below the walkway is a gravel base that was compacted before the formal pavers were installed, which will frame the front entrance.


Off the main entryway, we installed a walkway along the front of the house using matching pavers.

We used a Highland Stone retaining block and interlocking pavers to create the walkways and multi-level entryway.

Once the weather cooperates, the entire project will be finished with landscaping.

The final product will be a perfect blending of beauty and functionality. The hardscape and landscaping revitalize the look of the home as well as creates new accessibility between the front door and garage.

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