Benefits of Incorporating Pavers Into Your Next Landscaping Project

Landscaping goes far beyond trees, shrubs and mulch. Adding a patio or pathway to your property increases property value, makes the area look beautiful and adds functionality to the space.

Depending on a client’s budget, concrete, asphalt or pavers can be used to create said patios and pathways.


In our professional opinion, if you are going to take the time to design and create a landscaping project why not make it as aesthetically pleasing as you can. That is why we prefer to use pavers in our landscaping projects.


There are several benefits to incorporating pavers into your landscaping project.

According to RCP Block and Brick, pavers are a much more durable product. Pavers allow for almost 4 times the load bearing weight than a traditional concrete slab.

RCP says pavers are more flexible than a concrete slab as well. The flexibility of pavers reduces the chance of any cracking and splitting that is common with a concrete slab.

Among the other benefits of pavers are easier maintenance, quick repair and general aesthetics.

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RCP’s full article on pavers can be viewed here.

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