Project Complete: Edgewood Front Yard Receives Some TLC

Curb appeal is important for a home’s value, but it also has a dramatic affect on the homeowner. Having outstanding curb appeal allows the homeowner to take pride in their home. It makes them confident and happy, and those emotions can bleed into all different areas of their lives.

Our latest landscaping project took us to the city of Edgewood. We landscaped the front beds of a beautiful home and made the curb appeal really pop. Mulch made everything about the front yard pop, and the plants really elevated the look of the home to the next level.

Check out the final product of our hard work in Northern Kentucky!


This home was a lighter-colored brick with tall white columns, so went with a dark mulch to contrast those lighter tones.

Also, in an effort not to compete with the columns we went with low-lying shrubs and plants. The area is still landscaped and manicured, but the plants do not contradict with the architecture of the home.

As you can see, there was a free-standing tree in the front yard that we landscaped around. That was enough vertical landscaping, we didn’t need to add anything else.


On the other side of the front walk we landscaped this bed. Again, we continued the dark mulch and shorter plants and grasses. Once this landscaping grows and develops it will provide a little bit of coverage for the front porch, but not “recluse-like” coverage; enough, but not too much.

The flowerbed on the front of the home flowed over to the right side of the porch. We landscaped it and installed a small retaining wall that wrapped around the back side of the bed.


This flower bed turned out really well and contrasted against the backdrop of the home perfectly.

The retaining wall was put in to fight against erosion of the bed due to the slope of the property, but also added a light accent to the landscaping.


This picture shows the retaining wall wrapping around the flower bed, but also gives a good perspective on the contrast between the front of the home, the landscaping and the heights of the plants / shrubs used in the project.

This project turned out really well and we think this Edgewood home looks all the better for it!

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