Landscape Installation: Details Surrounding Mulch

Mulch is an essential detail to any landscaping project. It provides many important things to the plants and depending on the material you use as your mulch, those qualities will vary.

As with anything, mulch has its up sides and down sides, but for the most part it brings benefits and beauty to any project.


For the most part, mulch is used to protect the soil that it covers. The fact that it serves as an appealing back drop for your plants is a bonus.

Mulch keeps soil cooler, longer so that perennials do not bloom too early. It also does not allow a lot of water to seep into the soil, which could freeze and melt over and over. When that freezing and melting process happens it can cause plants to literally pop out of their holes, which is called heaving.

A down side of mulch is that the cool, dampness it creates can attract a number of bugs, slugs and worms that can be harmful to plants.

Mulch can keep money in your pocket when it comes to your water bill. Because the water does not evaporate as quick from around the mulched areas the plants do not require as much watering. That is if you water your plants on a regular basis (and we hope you do).


As I mentioned earlier, there are several different materials that one can choose from to use for mulch. As always, this decision should be made with consideration to your climate, style of landscaping, budget and type of plants used in the design.

Some of the mulching options include the following:

  • Bark
  • Grass Clippings
  • Compost
  • Hay
  • Newspaper
  • Peat Moss
  • Wood Chips
  • Stones
  • Pine Needles

There are many others, and some are on the peculiar end of the spectrum. They all bring their own positive and negative qualities to the table.

Aside from the mulch material, it also can come in different colors. The color really comes into play on the hot days of summer. Darker colors will obviously attract more sunlight and retain more heat, which would need to be considered for your landscaping.

At Brentwood Landscape and Design mulching is included in the installation process. We consult your property and help you decide on the correct mulch for your design. View everything that is covered in the installation process here.

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