Utilizing Space, Erosion Control: The Importance of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are one of the features that we can incorporate into most landscape designs.

The construction of retaining walls within the landscape or garden is often necessary to increase usable space or to control erosion.

However, walls can also be utilized to increase seating, create privacy, or to simply add aesthetic value. 

Our talented stone craftsmen make use of natural stone as well as prefabricated modular stone to create practical, beautiful walls.

We incorporated a retaining wall into a previous project that you can view here.

The addition of the retraining wall created a an area where we incorporated a mulched flower bed as well as a stable surface for a fence.

Additionally, in this case the wall will help with erosion and it is a beautiful addition to the design.
We provide two types of retaining walls — natural stone and modular stone.

The beauty of natural stone incorporated into your landscape in the form of mortared walls or dry-stack walls and boulders adds a classic look to the landscape.

Our professional installers are masters in the art of dry-stack and mortared stone masonry.

Modular retaining walls are available in several colors and styles. Some have the appearance of natural stone, while others are used to create a clean contemporary look.

Modular retaining walls have greater retention and height capabilities than natural stone, and tend to be more economical.

Our exceptionally durable retaining walls are maintenance-free, structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

You can visit our Design Center at Brentwood to see the various colors and textures available in wall stones, flagstones and boulders.