Project Complete: Wall, Landscaping Creates Instant Curb Appeal

The Greater Cincinnati area has officially reached single-digit temperatures but before the frozen grip of winter could clamp down on the region our crew at Brentwood was able to complete another project. Have I mentioned how tirelessly our employees work? They are such a dedicated bunch.

Our previous project, you may remember, was a complete patio installation for a client. Our more recent project was on a smaller scale, but just as important in terms of aesthetics and curb appeal for our client’s home.

We were contracted to create a small wall in the front yard of our client’s home. The project created a flower bed and established some structure to the yard.


As you can see in the picture above the final project turned out great. Can I also mention how incredible the client’s grass still looks in January? Kudos to them.

The wall ended up being a 6-tier “retaining wall” design that tapered up into a 2-tier wall in the front yard.

With the addition of the wall it creates an outstanding flower bed on one uniform level, and also adds noticeable structure to the home.

The wall also adds some curb appeal to the home that was amplified by the addition of landscaping!

Check out the transformation from before the project:


… And after the project:


This project is a great example of what professional landscape design can bring to your home.

Thank you to our clients who contracted us to complete this project! We are extremely happy with the way the project turned out!