Container Gardening: Taking Fall Landscaping To The Next Level

Containers offer a lot of opportunity when it comes to landscaping. Large display pots add color, texture and movement to decks and patios.

The fall weather with cooling temperatures and decreased amount of rainfall presents a great chance to incorporate more containers into your gardening and landscaping.

An account that Brentwood Landscape & Design follows on Facebook, Redeem Your Ground, recently published an informative article regarding fall container gardening. The article featured tips on how to utilize different containers and which plants go best with said containers. The article also included a Q&A with the container gardening guru herself – Helen Weis. It is a fantastic article and it can be found here.
We feature a lot of great plants that thrive in containers as well as a vast selection of containers. themselves.

The impressive potted centerpiece is Papyrus “King Tut.” This plant could offer more texture and height to any landscaping and it does well in a container.

Of course there are plenty of other plants that can be planted in a container. According to the Redeem Your Groud article, Helen Weis has some outstanding recommendations. Weis says almost any ornamental or fountain grass is a great staple for a fall container centerpiece.  You can surround-plant
it with anything from coral bells to violas to mini pumpkins.
Below are some other plants in containers that incorporate more color and varied height. Weis said she likes to incorporate objects into her designs like pumpkins and gourds (especially in the fall) but you can get creative and add different items depending on your surroundings. Think pine cones and evergreen in the winter!

If you would like to incorporate more containers into your landscaping feel free to give us a call. We have all the plant and containers to make your property the talk of the neighborhood!