Revamping Front Pathway With Pavers & Modern Design

A home's entrance is a very unique place. The pathway to home's front door should be welcoming and pleasant to the homeowners and guests alike. We installed a paver walkway recently and we captured the evolution of the project from demolition to the final product. As always in a project like this, we started with some demolition. We tore up the original concrete pathway from the driveway to … [Read more...]

Adding Special Features to Create Beautiful Landscaping

When designing the landscape for your property the options are almost endless. We have the utilities and experience to transform any property into a beautiful place to enjoy.Landscaping goes beyond plants and trees, and takes into consideration lighting and structures that will not only make the space aesthetically pleasing but can also have functionality.Whatever you would like to add to your … [Read more...]

Container Gardening: Taking Fall Landscaping To The Next Level

Containers offer a lot of opportunity when it comes to landscaping. Large display pots add color, texture and movement to decks and patios.The fall weather with cooling temperatures and decreased amount of rainfall presents a great chance to incorporate more containers into your gardening and landscaping.An account that Brentwood Landscape & Design follows on Facebook, Redeem Your Ground, … [Read more...]