Entertainment Space Taking Shape With Patio, Fire Pit Installation

The summertime heat provides the opportunity for people to open the doors and entertain outside. A client of ours wanted an entertainment space outside for parties and a fire pit, so we got to work! The before shots of the space give you a good idea of the area that we had to deal with. It was a nice open plot of land that worked really well as a jumping off point. The client had a small … [Read more...]

Project Complete: Patio & Fire Pit Transforms Backyard

We have been working on installing a patio and fire pit for a client. They requested a beautiful paver patio with a fire pit laid directly into the patio and decorative wall surrounding the space.Pictures of the project and our progression through the installationThis was an outstanding project that really improved the functionality and look of the client's backyard.The patio provides a uniform … [Read more...]

November Project: Patio, Fire Pit Installation

Brentwood has been busy designing and installing landscaping. With the colder temperatures rolling in to Northern Kentucky one of the popular installations has become the fire pit and surrounding patio.The patio with fire pit offers the perfect outdoor space to entertain or relax. An area all your own where you can enjoy the outdoors without suffering the pain of winters icy touch.Here are … [Read more...]

Adding Special Features to Create Beautiful Landscaping

When designing the landscape for your property the options are almost endless. We have the utilities and experience to transform any property into a beautiful place to enjoy.Landscaping goes beyond plants and trees, and takes into consideration lighting and structures that will not only make the space aesthetically pleasing but can also have functionality.Whatever you would like to add to your … [Read more...]