Project Complete: Patio & Fire Pit Transforms Backyard

We have been working on installing a patio and fire pit for a client. They requested a beautiful paver patio with a fire pit laid directly into the patio and decorative wall surrounding the space.

Pictures of the project and our progression through the installation

This was an outstanding project that really improved the functionality and look of the client’s backyard.

The patio provides a uniform space for gathering and entertaining. The laid-in fire pit provides a beautiful spot for warmth and comfort through the cold months.

As a reference, the property looked like this as we began the project.

We are very proud of the transformation. The project turned out really well and provides our clients with an outstanding new patio space.
The patio offers space for outdoor furniture, and the fire pit has enough space surrounding it for chairs or the wall provides ample space to relax and enjoy a roaring fire!
We incorporated pavers in the patio to complete the square around the fire pit. It is a subtle design feature that we really like.
The walls turned out really well. We used a lighter stone, which adds contrast against the patio itself. Another design feature is the black ring around the wall. It is a great addition to add some style to the area.
The varying paver sizes and color add texture to the patio.
We are very happy with the way this project turned out. We would like to thank our client for giving us the opportunity to install this beautiful patio and hope it offers a great area to enjoy with friends and family!
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