November Project: Patio, Fire Pit Installation

Brentwood has been busy designing and installing landscaping. With the colder temperatures rolling in to Northern Kentucky one of the popular installations has become the fire pit and surrounding patio.

The patio with fire pit offers the perfect outdoor space to entertain or relax. An area all your own where you can enjoy the outdoors without suffering the pain of winters icy touch.
Here are pictures of a project we are working on:
Our employees are doing an outstanding job installing the patio. We are using pavers of varying size to give the patio texture and flow.
We are installing the fire pit as part of the patio as can be seen in the second photo. The pit must be installed away from the home for obvious safety reasons.
Here is an earlier look at the project before a lot of the patio was installed. This installation has provided a more practical area to utilize in the yard. Not to mention it is cleaner and much easier to maintain over grass.
Would you like to see what your yard would look like with a similar installation? Let us draft up a design for you! Contact us, by clicking here, or call 859-635-0711 and let us take your property to the next level!
Happy landscaping!