Entertainment Space Taking Shape With Patio, Fire Pit Installation

The summertime heat provides the opportunity for people to open the doors and entertain outside. A client of ours wanted an entertainment space outside for parties and a fire pit, so we got to work!

The before shots of the space give you a good idea of the area that we had to deal with. It was a nice open plot of land that worked really well as a jumping off point.

The client had a small concrete slab under their deck, but no actual patio or large entertaining space.

The first step of the installation process was excavating the land to allow for the base for the paver patio and footers for the seat walls. Drain tile was installed around the house to carry off water from the downspouts.

Once the excavation was complete, 20 tons of gravel were put down to form the base. Just about the time that the gravel was in place the pavers and wallstone arrive at the site. You have to love when logistics come together seamlessly, don’t you? In case you were wondering, our client chose to use pavers from Pavestone.

The 6″ gravel base is compacted into place with a vibrating plate. After the gravel is perfectly level it is topped with an inch of sand.  Pavers are hand set, one st a time.

We continue to work hard every day to complete this project, and once it is finished we will have an updated post showing the final product. Check back to our blog again soon to see not only this project, but a lot of our outstanding landscape designs.