Project Complete: Backyard Transformation You Have To See To Believe

During the summer there is no better place to relax or entertain than a beautiful outdoor space. For a client of ours, we just completed a beautiful landscaping project that provided them with remodeled deck and refreshing yard.

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The yard began with a small concrete slab just outside the basement door, but we transformed the back yard into a great space for relaxation or having friends over for a cold drink.

We installed landscaping along the side yard of the home, a patio under the deck, and we also installed stairs from the deck to the back yard to offer more access to the space.


As you can see, in addition to the landscaping there was some great hardscapes that we installed as well. The hardscapes ranged from two retaining walls to stone stairs, the patio and a stone pathway along the side and back yards. This is a great example of how well-designed landscaping can completely transform a backyard. Now, not only does it look incredible, but it also is functional and, ultimately, increases the resale value of the home.

One of our favorite parts of this project is the inset pavers in the patio for a fire pit. The stones match the curvature of the wall and the style of stone for the entire patio. Perfect marriage of design and beauty.


At Brentwood we love projects like this when we are given a blank canvass. This project was fun to work on and see every detail of the design come to life. Now our client has an incredible space to utilize throughout the year.

If you want to add landscaping and hardscapes to your property do not hesitate to contact us today. Let’s get started designing your dream project today!