Simple Landscaping Additions To Make Your Home Look Great

There is no doubt landscaping increases the appeal of a home. As beautiful as landscaping looks, it can also be intimidating to a home owner.

Brentwood is here to encourage you that there are simple improvements you can make to your property that are not difficult, and drastically improve the look of your home.

Reinvigorating your home’s walkway is a great way to increase curb appeal. It is not a terrible burden on your budget and it almost sets the tone for the front of the home.


It is common to use pavers when building walkways, but you can also use stone or brick. You can get pretty creative when designing the walkway. You can line it with different plants, add a lip overhang to the steps, incorporate pillars or subtle walls like the one shown above.

Another really simple way to increase your home’s look is simply adding mulch to existing landscaping or adding it to a new design.


Mulch has a lot of benefits to the plants and lawn, but it is also the finishing touch to landscaping. We consider it the “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s” part of the project. Mulch is not overly expensive and it pulls everything together to complete any project.


Another structural addition you can add to your property is a wall. Some properties do not lend themselves to having a wall in the design, but where appropriate, they can be a game-changer.

oakfield_drywall-300x274 IMG_0844


However big or small, having a wall in your landscaping design adds texture, height and depth. They can get pricey, so the design budget would need to be considered, but they bring so much to any landscaping project.

A very popular component of recent designs is having a lone tree in the yard. The tree looks great by itself, but it also presents an opportunity to add flowers or some type of mulch at the base. As the tree matures it provides shade on the home throughout the day. It also adds an intriguing visual layer to the home.

IMG_0810 (1)

An area of the home that a lot of people overlook is the green space between the sidewalk and the street. In some cities, it would be smart to contact the city and confirm you are able to landscape that space.

Adding subtle landscaping to this area can drastically increase curb appeal because it is green space that is rarely utilized. Emphasis on subtlety–modesty is key when landscaping near the street. You don’t want to have the Garden of Eden between the sidewalk and the street. It would look obnoxious and overdone.

Simple, affordable landscaping additions can really change the look of a home. Projects do not have to be overwhelming or scary.

Brentwood can help design as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Contact us today so we can get starting making your home look its best!