Ft. Thomas Patio, Pergola Project — It’s Getting There!

Our current patio and pergola project is coming along great. The patio is almost complete and we are starting to construct the pergola. The addition of this project has completely revamped the backyard of this home. It has made it more appealing to the eye, more functional in terms of entertaining a group of people and increased the value of the home. One of the things that people usually … [Read more...]

The Progression of a Patio Paver Project

The warmer spring weather has provided us the opportunity to get back to building projects for our clients. The latest landscaping project we were tasked with creating was a new paver patio with stone steps leading up to a door surrounded by a new trellis. This was an in depth project that we were excited to get started on as we welcomed spring back into our work schedule! Step 1 of the … [Read more...]

New Paver Designs, Styles Foreshadow Spring Landscaping Season

In a previous post we touched on the benefits of using paving stones in your landscaping. The number of benefits to using pavers in your patios and pathway creations is only rivaled by the number of options you have when deciding on a specific type of paver. When deciding on what type of stone to complete your project with there are some factors that need to be considered. Those factors … [Read more...]

Benefits of Incorporating Pavers Into Your Next Landscaping Project

Landscaping goes far beyond trees, shrubs and mulch. Adding a patio or pathway to your property increases property value, makes the area look beautiful and adds functionality to the space. Depending on a client's budget, concrete, asphalt or pavers can be used to create said patios and pathways. In our professional opinion, if you are going to take the time to design and create a … [Read more...]

Project Complete: Paver Patio Amplifies Beautiful Backyard

Our dedicated and ever enthusiastic staff took advantage of the weather, which has been kind of warm for the Northern Kentucky area this time of year. Before the temperatures drop to actual winter-like levels we were able to bust out a couple of great projects that we are very proud of! One of the projects that we finished was the addition of a beautiful patio to the backyard of our client's … [Read more...]

Project Complete: Patio & Fire Pit Transforms Backyard

We have been working on installing a patio and fire pit for a client. They requested a beautiful paver patio with a fire pit laid directly into the patio and decorative wall surrounding the space.Pictures of the project and our progression through the installationThis was an outstanding project that really improved the functionality and look of the client's backyard.The patio provides a uniform … [Read more...]